dinsdag 31 januari 2012

Today’s Lady News: Susan G. Komen Cancer Charity Halts Grants To Planned Parenthood http://ping.fm/Eo7Ki
. . . And President Ford Waves Goodbye to Nixon http://ping.fm/bRVtv
Paula Patton: Post-Baby Slimdown One of the Hardest Things I’ve Done http://ping.fm/CFXPb
Cambodian police suspect suicide in death of French family http://ping.fm/sy3Ct
Khmer Rouge leader tells Cambodia court: ‘don’t call me Brother Number Two’ http://ping.fm/ewOX2
Chelsea FC- Blues news headlines http://ping.fm/NuElk
Kim Kardashian Lightens Her Hair: Can You Tell? http://ping.fm/nxmkV
Groups may be hit with sausage sizzle fee http://ping.fm/jYicx
Cold snap takes hold across Britain http://ping.fm/TKptB
Peers defeat welfare reform plans http://ping.fm/znAo6
Eurozone unemployment hits Euro-era high http://ping.fm/GEwtG
Somali militants halt Red Cross food aid http://ping.fm/4wrBv
Open Sud de France 2012 Scores And Results Day 2: Philipp Kohlschreiber, Jarkko Nieminen Advance http://ping.fm/JanCw
NFL Roundtable: Super Bowl XLVI preview http://ping.fm/WA3d2
Matt Light Misses Media Day Due To Illness http://ping.fm/vpRt8
Phillies, Reds sign relievers: free agent roundup http://ping.fm/swQUC
In good Kompany: Man City skipper back to face Everton, Premier League 2012 http://ping.fm/Mp47n
Dowson in line for England debut http://ping.fm/SdT7B
Foods we love to hate: Vote now! http://ping.fm/57RMn
Traveling through Asia’s rock ‘n’ roll past http://ping.fm/06KOk
6 Surefire Ways to Wreck Your Career http://ping.fm/d2sZp
Watch: Tyrese Video Trailer “Nothing On You” Featuring Chili http://ping.fm/xbllj
TLC Partnering With ‘Real Housewives’ Producers for ‘Preachers Wives’, Has This Genre Gone Too Far? http://ping.fm/zRf3Z
Which Star’s Kid Puts a Song in Our Hearts? http://ping.fm/24Iej
The Water Bowl: Uggie to Perform at Oscars! http://ping.fm/ovgtY
William & Kate’s Patter of Little Feet: A Cocker Spaniel http://ping.fm/GZJ8L
Chinese designer Wang Yutao’s personal fashion show in Berlin http://ping.fm/X7pZ7
Paris men’s fashion collection show – Julius http://ping.fm/q3rPP
Q&A: Josh Trank, Director Of ‘Chronicle’ On The Origins Of The Film, And More http://ping.fm/yd8bj
Boy scouts find human skull in lake they were cleaning http://ping.fm/zAmR8
Cut off from the outside world: Closest ever recorded pictures of uncontacted Indian tribe in the depths of Peru’... http://ping.fm/ecdZO
Kim Kardashian's Intruder Thought He Had a Job Interview, Baffles Everyone http://ping.fm/G8UJG
Press watchdog’s ex-chief hits back over hacking http://ping.fm/T2olI
The Americanization of the UK democratic tradition http://ping.fm/8kfCR
Lana Del Rey Thinks She ‘Looked Beautiful And Sang Fine’ On ‘SNL’ http://ping.fm/n4CsV
The latest big pander: Student tuition http://ping.fm/sw2Ez
PM and Abbott seek surpluses http://ping.fm/3uYMZ
Flood threat over for Charleville http://ping.fm/xhPQL
Fair Work inquiry needed- HSU secretary http://ping.fm/YCljr
IAEA approves Japan nuclear ‘stress tests’ http://ping.fm/FnMHS
Treasurys erase loss after better Europe news http://ping.fm/OLfN7
Europe pact: Members must balance budgets or suffer sanctions http://ping.fm/aeOmf
Draft resolution to UN calls for Syria’s Assad to step down http://ping.fm/5KqdF
Television ‘misrepresents’ young people and older women http://ping.fm/jkRon
Extra 750,000 to join long-term unemployed register http://ping.fm/Me1X6
Massive fish deaths in south Philippines blamed on climate change http://ping.fm/mdkpy
Controversy remains after S. Korea’s implementation of gaming curfew http://ping.fm/re8rG
James Corden and Georgia May Jagger’s tribute to Peter Sellers and Britt Ekland http://ping.fm/6D0tG
Japan’s Taxing Question http://ping.fm/dAjXJ
Apple names Dixons CEO to head retail unit (Reuters) http://ping.fm/iZHtl

maandag 30 januari 2012

Israeli officials blame Palestinian leadership for failure of Jordan talks http://ping.fm/JmANB
5 Privacy Tips for Location-Based Services http://ping.fm/edkuJ
Partial liver transplant – Father saves his son by donating part of his own organ http://ping.fm/rXfgK
Jennifer Lopez: Are Wedding Bells in Her Future? http://ping.fm/5DciD
The Muppets Attack Fox News http://ping.fm/xuS1W
Censorship Senseless? ‘Twitter always faster than govts’ http://ping.fm/XtsPe
Keith Beardsley: Tory pension plan hands opponents a blueprint for attack http://ping.fm/wunZM
Dan Arnold: OK, if it’s not Bob Rae, then who else? http://ping.fm/NnM8m
Jonathan Kay: The Shafia jury got it wrong http://ping.fm/28mTx
Bankers report anxiety levels at all-time high http://ping.fm/AxQAS
Gardening: Sweet black patch http://ping.fm/nvTwF
Book lover: Gwendoline Smith http://ping.fm/Q0M8R
Toronto tourism has record year in 2011 http://ping.fm/eQj0F
Weaker banks, commodities drag Britain’s FTSE lower (Reuters) http://ping.fm/UVGwY
52% of Holiday Shoppers Used Cellphones in Stores [STUDY] http://easybranches.com/2012/01/31/52-of-holiday-shoppers-used-cellphones-in-stores-study/
The Netherlands: No Full Face Helmets On The Street http://ping.fm/jwwLo
Power & Politics invites your feedback – live and on-screen http://ping.fm/K7b3x
Conn. Police Chief Quits in Profiling Scandal http://ping.fm/PFdna
Newt’s Mentors Pushed ‘Marxist’ Values, Open Relationships http://ping.fm/IuXxd
Cadillac ATS tackles the Green Hell in Super Bowl ad: Video http://ping.fm/0zk99
Survey: Hyundai, Subaru, Lexus Score High With Dealers http://ping.fm/d1h2b
For The Week Of January 29-February 5, 2012 http://ping.fm/iHFsO
Brazil: Acesso a Caverna do Diabo http://ping.fm/8PKz5
The toughest place to be a binman http://ping.fm/7NYNn
Apple and China – time for a new PR strategy? http://ping.fm/2HFgE
Luxury Travel Vietnam Ltd Seek Growth from Discerning German Travelers – PR.com (press release) http://ping.fm/V0Aag
Bautista to grace Canadian cover of MLB video game http://ping.fm/soNkB
Not all things can be equal http://ping.fm/uNCi5
World lacks enough food, fuel as population soars: U.N. (Reuters) http://ping.fm/dih00
Starbucks to enter India, targets 50 outlets by year-end (Reuters) http://ping.fm/fOT62
Saint Kevin: ‘We’re On The Same Team, Russell And Me’ http://ping.fm/swlDK
Zach Banner Recruiting: Announcing Commitment Decision Monday At 1:15 EST http://ping.fm/aeiZl
Internet pair ready to fuse networks http://ping.fm/wYgR3
Jeddah overstayers’ last chance http://ping.fm/qNBn4
Working conditions for women to be eased in KSA http://ping.fm/mTfre
Book explores handaxes from the early Paleolithic Asia http://ping.fm/b9p2t
1 dead, 2 taken to hospital in unrelated drug overdoses http://ping.fm/FtgTT
A.M. Vitals: Express Scripts Will Make Changes to Lipitor Coverage http://ping.fm/gJfne
Mummy’s prostate cancer points to genetic cause http://ping.fm/A1NrU
Celine Dion Flashed Concertgoers In Jamaica http://ping.fm/zwRTZ
Bow Wow Owes $126,000 In Overdue Taxes http://ping.fm/MhWlh
Beyonce To Be Honored With Monument In Houston http://ping.fm/Ajdbl
Abbott wins 3rd US title with mesmerizing grace http://ping.fm/2Aazi
Mavs’ Kidd out at least a week with calf strain http://ping.fm/TMRy8
Denney-Coughlin win 1st pairs title http://ping.fm/xiQKz
Police officer relieved of duty over stock manipulation scandal http://ping.fm/r2SIW
Sri Lanka celebrations in Ansan http://ping.fm/OsFrC
Carnival ball to be held in Korea http://ping.fm/aAk8N
Latest Newspoll shows Gillard struggling http://ping.fm/byFry
Fires threat contained in WA http://ping.fm/MT9ga

zondag 29 januari 2012

Games Decreasing In Popularity On Android, Entertainment Apps On The Rise http://ping.fm/KX7ZW
Romney’s Plan: Make Newt Mad http://ping.fm/j9rRC
Baden-Wuerttemberg: Münster von Westen, Freiburg, Breisgau http://ping.fm/WclK1
French 2011 deficit to be under 5.4 percent GDP: Sarkozy (Reuters) http://ping.fm/E3RR3
Personal Finance: Grass Valley man heads to Liberia to oversee microfinance … – Sacramento Bee http://ping.fm/1oe3Q
Which is the world’s biggest city? http://ping.fm/gyIrV
What Was Dripping Down Christina Aguilera's Legs At Etta James' Funeral? http://ping.fm/E3ral
Monica Reinagel, MS, LDN, CNS: If A Food Is ‘Natural,’ Does That Make It Healthy? http://ping.fm/NMIVx
Emily Bronte’s Yorkshire: Dreaming of Heathcliff in the land of fat rascals http://ping.fm/VukRk
Spanair Shutdown to Hit Region http://ping.fm/ZOPWh
ABB Eyes Thomas & Betts http://ping.fm/Z0wwU
Greek Prime Minister Heads to Brussels http://ping.fm/XJEFz
Hundreds face census prosecution http://ping.fm/xwjRK
Elizabeth Olsen’s Major http://ping.fm/Dsfdg
Frankie Shaw Finds the End of Love http://ping.fm/tvyK3
Five arrested in press bribery probe http://ping.fm/oyhAR
Online mag offers less than 2c a word http://ping.fm/9ZWP9
Motorsport: Cassidy in spin but keeps ahead of pack http://ping.fm/7QlI7
Underwater oil rigs planned to beat the Arctic ice storms that increase the risk of disaster http://ping.fm/hGBlI
Greece should give up budget control: Germany (Reuters) http://ping.fm/q8705
Jessica Simpson accentuates her very large belly by wrapping it up in a foil maxi dress http://ping.fm/S3fxa
The REALLY big breakfast: 6,000 calorie fry-up is slammed by health campaigners… but a hit with diners http://ping.fm/yvkrK
‘I wish it would die’: Lobbying reform chief resigns in storm over her Twitter abuse for campaigners http://ping.fm/jQofY
Republican leaders expect payroll tax deal (Reuters) http://ping.fm/mSdYq
Baden-Wuerttemberg: Gerberau, Freiburg, Breisgau http://ping.fm/WlWg0
‘Stop serving FULL pints’: Pub landlord threatened with sack for topping up frothy heads of regulars’ drinks http://ping.fm/arGZr
Playing to the Crowd http://ping.fm/F9YzQ
Damn Good Form http://ping.fm/tc00k
Whirlpool of Despair: Neglect pays off http://ping.fm/cGWt3
ABC staff fear business program loss http://ping.fm/ELmSz
Jessie Wallace’s ex-fiancé Vince Morse reveals he and the EastEnders actress are talking again http://ping.fm/vqqhb
Random Single Gal Recipe: Miso ‘N’ Mustard Marinated Fish With Sauteed Kale http://ping.fm/bXKKl
Greg Kelly and accuser exchanged ‘marathon 48 hours of explicit text messages before alleged rape’ http://ping.fm/MWhB9
Official: A.J. Foyt hospitalized http://ping.fm/I3mmE
Zombie George Washington: How a mad scientist planned to reanimate the first president with lamb’s blood after he... http://ping.fm/odepR
Wilson Mizner http://ping.fm/oA9Fu
Laurence J. Peter http://ping.fm/Gc8Mp
Vicomte de Chateaubriand http://ping.fm/8cVQq
Tot left alone on bus nearly all day http://ping.fm/cX5Fq
iPad for injury – how technology really hurts http://ping.fm/SfHc0
Cops shoot protesters at UC – Riverside http://ping.fm/QQroN
Murdoch feed amplifies his influence http://ping.fm/vwQy1
Czech Republic: Sítná http://ping.fm/ZQ9Dh
Video: Dad disapproves of son’s 530-horsepower MR2 http://ping.fm/AcRlU
Analysis: More than ever, businesses must think "what if" (Reuters) http://ping.fm/mn96D
10 Trips to Take Right Now http://ping.fm/KoFnz
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Does Another Disgustingly Adorable Thing http://ping.fm/HSjoi
‘It Is Death by a Thousand Nicks’ http://ping.fm/DV0p5
‘It will be bad for business’: Bra queen vows to move firm south if countrymen vote ‘yes’ on independence http://ping.fm/bgVfJ
Baden-Wuerttemberg: Haltestelle Siegesdenkmal, Freiburg, Breisgau http://ping.fm/PFAvd

zaterdag 28 januari 2012

Sanctions to hit EU buyback firms: Iran oil chief (Reuters) http://ping.fm/LbpaO
Snowy owls soar south from Arctic in rare mass migration (Reuters) http://ping.fm/5Yoe2
What Apple Could Do With Its $100 Billion Cash Hoard [COMIC] http://ping.fm/hJisr
Firefox Support Ending for Windows 2000, Windows XP Pre-SP2 http://ping.fm/Mluk3
Tshwane: Union Buildings Gigapan http://ping.fm/7IShM
Colombia: Cultura Gastronomica Cali Pizzca al oeste dela ciudad http://ping.fm/VDvgw
Colombia: Club Andes Apartment http://ping.fm/lu2Ph
On the Money: Taking Stock http://ping.fm/w8pu1
Copyright Crackdown: UK student latest anti-terror victim http://ping.fm/fyxla
Bolton 2 Swansea 1: Pratley grabs winner against old club to continue Trotters revival http://ping.fm/q0MqZ
Stevenage 1 Notts County 0: Gary Smith sees his side win in his first game in charge http://ping.fm/Lg7Mn
Harlequins 9 Leicester 19: Quins crash again after Pienaar strikes http://ping.fm/0ytC7
7 Big Privacy Concerns for New Facebook and the Open Graph http://ping.fm/uOn5s
5 killed in suspected militant attack during polls in northeast India http://ping.fm/JHnc5
Afghan gov’t, UN appeal for 437 mln dollars to help Afghans http://ping.fm/mQKBV
UN Security Council meets on Syria draft http://ping.fm/idNiD
Medical card delays are a disgrace http://ping.fm/38PUS
Defiant Pat won’t back down in ‘Ballybough hovel’ comments row http://ping.fm/SJlmx
Zoe’s exam secret? Listen to languages in your sleep http://ping.fm/YGriy
Puting Beliung Bali, Kerugian Rp348 Juta http://ping.fm/mcCZK
Italian cruise ship divers find 17th victim http://ping.fm/Ngfnn
Are we over-diagnosing autism? The psychiatric debate http://ping.fm/7U9ve
Yemeni president heads to U.S. http://ping.fm/GlztC
I’ve slept with 1,000 men!’: Sex addict, 42, who picks up men at coffee shops and when shopping for groceries http://ping.fm/YOefp
Sundance 2012 Review – "Slavery By Another Name" (A Powerful & Eye-Opening Account Of *Lost* American History) http://ping.fm/tyKA9
Style Retrospective: Zoe Saldana http://ping.fm/xhKki
RBS chairman waives $2.2 million bonus after Hester row (Reuters) http://ping.fm/NPKyS
Sudan says to release ships seized from South Sudan (Reuters) http://ping.fm/Fpr2O
Is this the world’s fattest squirrel? Video captures obese rodent http://ping.fm/IAXVt
Canadian orange juice banned from U.S. amid fungicide fears http://ping.fm/1cTwV
10 Notable Bands With Only One Album http://ping.fm/fPH7O
Radio Kootwijk http://ping.fm/Vz8KI
Swiss urge U.S. tax deal to shield other banks (Reuters) http://ping.fm/F1F09
Newlyweds look beyond the beach and fill itinerary with meaningful work – Vancouver Sun http://ping.fm/8xAAT
Europe News – New City Maps of Brussels http://ping.fm/5DrEC
Asia Pacific News – Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit Has Appointed Pre-Opening Management Team http://ping.fm/r6va9
Palin Defends Newt, Calls GOP Elites ‘Cannibals’ http://ping.fm/moqXe
Gingrich: I Was Bad in Debate Because Mitt Kept Lying http://ping.fm/oTLcP
Why Every Entrepreneur Should Self-Publish a Book http://ping.fm/NtTiQ
Football star Anton Ferdinand was spared from having to shake John Terry’s hand after the pre-game routine is CAN... http://ping.fm/JDCCy
‘Half of Damascus falls to rebels’ as breakaway army slowly seize control of capital from Assad regime http://ping.fm/S0QP4
Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Ladies man Frankie Cocozza plans a night on the pull with his TOWIE friend Kirk Norcros... http://ping.fm/DNW5f
Nicky Hilton’s ex-husband conned out of $1.6million as employee steals his identity http://ping.fm/0qGPq
Nigeria army says kills 11 Boko Haram insurgents (Reuters) http://ping.fm/91hTR
‘I betrayed my best friend’: Soap actor commits suicide after strict building management ‘forced him to put d... http://ping.fm/0ddSp
This Isn’t Your Typical Mansion http://ping.fm/gzbc7
Emma Stone & Andy Samberg Star In “MLK Day” (No, Not Really) http://ping.fm/kMWYn
Secret I Learned About My Birth http://ping.fm/IJl52
Football star Anton Ferdinand saved from shaking John Terry’s hand after the pre-game routine is CANCELLED ahead ... http://ping.fm/RdAwM
Lombardia: lago di como – baluardo presso Pino (Varenna) http://ping.fm/XYdbO

vrijdag 27 januari 2012

Google Music Finally Lets You Download Your Own Tunes [VIDEO] http://ping.fm/CJY1m
How the games these little bears are playing will help them as 700-pound adults http://ping.fm/hT9h2
Greek debt deal close, Rehn says http://ping.fm/zrI8Z
Fitch cuts Italy, Spain, other euro zone ratings (Reuters) http://ping.fm/DIP66
Folly in manufacturing jobs creation http://ping.fm/JLYx4
Use national day to set national goals http://ping.fm/pFqHC
Censorship scheme missing vital X factor http://ping.fm/8u4Y3
Salman to help free 400 prison inmates in UP http://ping.fm/Du36l
FTII student wins Short Fiction award by IDPA http://ping.fm/nwEWS
Kareena’s stunts impress Saif in ‘Agent Vinod’ http://ping.fm/ptltL
Thailand elephants poached for meat http://ping.fm/yScrh
Two Uighurs deported from Cambodia to China get life http://ping.fm/rzh5S
A.M. Vitals: WellPoint to Increase Primary-Care Reimbursement http://ping.fm/IoRqo
Neilson recalls Trutaste milk over contamination http://ping.fm/qcVZA
‘Better to die than be humiliated,’ chant mourners at funeral as Assad regime is accused of carrying out ‘ter... http://ping.fm/pYiuI
Primary school gives pupils elocution lessons to help them ditch their ‘common’ accents http://ping.fm/Ln2Ap
Dancing On Ice 2012: Heidi Range reveals her terror over donning THAT catsuit http://ping.fm/gtFBK
Biden says Democrats can win back control of House (Reuters) http://ping.fm/837kh
Federal budget consultations "dishonest": MP Simms http://ping.fm/1bBRw
Man dead after road rage stabbing http://ping.fm/yhShR
Pregnant woman, 20s, suffers horrific injuries in leopard attack in Indian city http://ping.fm/waP7x
Stephen Hester: RBS boss ‘should turn down his £1m bonus’ says Jeremy Browne http://ping.fm/DlNkp
Drake Really Wants To Play Barack Obama In A Movie http://ping.fm/OHt77
Obama officials back bill to hit China subsidies (Reuters) http://ping.fm/UFH8Z
An Intimate Look at Egypt’s Youth in Ongoing Revolution http://ping.fm/q2UJL
How D-Dalus Flies Like Nothing Else http://ping.fm/wpx9N
How to Get 5-Star Reviews on Amazon? Buy Them http://ping.fm/G4k6Z
Icahn suffers setback at Oshkosh annual meeting (Reuters) http://ping.fm/vlZet
Online economy expected to double by 2016 http://ping.fm/7q5ev
Exclusive: ‘Phantom Menace’ 3D Preview From ‘Star Wars’ Insider http://ping.fm/Ir0AF
Greg Kelly: Manhattan DA’s office have doubts over accusations while Kelly claims he has text proving it was cons... http://ping.fm/vh7Jt
Thailand’s new taste for elephant meat sparks fresh extinction risk http://ping.fm/ob2VP
Crusade of hate: The twisted stalker who hunted his victim for 18 years across six states http://ping.fm/bFCJu
Kohler’s websites ‘fielding offers’ http://ping.fm/C3iK1
Kyle not worried by ACMA inquiry http://ping.fm/d1eH7
Scare viewed around world http://ping.fm/gnJpo
Tom Watson: Anti-hacking MP reacts to savetheintern Twitter campaign http://ping.fm/9pHtH
You can get anything on eBay! 700-year-old mill is put up for sale on auction site for £1.25m http://ping.fm/QP64b
Chevron profit falls as refineries, output suffer (Reuters) http://ping.fm/tE1Ta
US election 2012: Mitt Romney ridicules Newt Gingrich over US moon base in GOP debate http://ping.fm/YsuT9
‘Bubba Nosferatu’ Could Become ‘Bubba Roswell,’ Paul Giamatti Reveals http://ping.fm/89KZq
Costa offers £9,000 compensation deal for each passenger caught up in Concordia disaster http://ping.fm/Ljy3n